$100 Off Fortin Remote Start System Installations

With the push of a button, never get into a cold vehicle again.
From December 11 to January 31, 2024, book your appointment to have a
Fortin Remote Start System installed and receive $100 OFF.
A Fortin System will increase your vehicles run time to 15 minutes per cycle
(30 mins for a diesel) and you will have the ability to command start your
vehicle multiple times. YES more than 2 start cycles! There is a range of
up to 3000 Feet away, and 2-way feedback systems are available to provide
you with confirmation your vehicle has started.'

Please contact our Parts Department to have your personal quote done for
your specific vehicle. or call 780-835-4911

*Disclaimer: each vehicle will require its own module/wiring for
installing a Fortin Remote Start System. The total cost of parts and
installation will vary for each specific vehicle*